How can job seekers respond to the latest recruitment trends?

Recruitment trends differ by industry, company, and geographic region, so to keep up with the latest changes, you need to get specific and target companies you want to pursue.
Google them for any company news or press releases, and follow Avant Career on social media to learn where they’re focusing their energy (and dollars). For example, if you’re in advertising and you learn that the top agencies are making a big push for short-form web videos, take it upon yourself to get the training and experience they’re looking for.
When applying to jobs at these companies, do your homework; tap into their brand voice, their culture, and what they deem important—make sure your resume and cover letter echo the same messages.
One general hiring trend that’s going on at the moment is a labor shortage for a variety of roles in STEM and health care, and companies are offering more perks and sign-on bonuses to close the deal when candidates have more than one job offer. If you happen to be in these fields, you definitely call the shots.
Respond to this trend by using your power position to your advantage—remember, you’re interviewing them as much as they’re interviewing you. Ask to work remotely an additional day or two, ask for a sign-on bonus, ask for more perks. You won’t get anything unless you ask for it.

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