Careers For Animal Lovers

Now, let’s talk about what we just witnessed.
We don’t want to presume anything—and we’d never suggest that one type of job is superior to another—but we’d be willing to bet that any number of rocket scientists, neurosurgeons, and captains of industry would only be thrilled to trade in their office wear for that panda suit for a day or two.
While we’re sorry to say that, unfortunately, a search for “professional panda cuddler” doesn’t turn up any job listings at the moment, there are plenty of other opportunities for you to make a career of pleasing your inner animal lover. In fact, we’ve got a whole bunch of them up on Monster right now. Take a look.
Dog Trainer
Dogs aren’t pandas. We get that. However, they’re a lot better at following directions. After all, there’s a reason you never hear about “seeing-eye pandas.” But whether they’re teaching dogs to lead the sightless or simply stop eating their owner’s shoes, dog trainers perform an essential duty when it comes to man’s best friend. It’s a role with a surprisingly broad number of applications, too—those intrepid bomb-sniffing pups aren’t learning to do track down explosives on their own.
Farming and agriculture
No, animal lovers of the world, working on a farm doesn’t have to mean raising your best friends for food. Look at the world of dairy farming, for instance; you could just as easily be working alongside them in virtual human-bovine harmony. And let’s not forget that a career in agriculture can mean many different things—beyond ye olde ranch hand, there are ample opportunities on the corporate side of things, from researchers to consultants to operations managers.
Pet hotel worker
Picture working at a regular hotel: helping guests, strolling the grounds, making sure everyone’s having a good experience. Now turn all of those guests into adorable kittens and puppies. Bam! Instant career greatness. Just don’t make the mistake of referring to some of these places as mere places for pets to crash while their owners are away—these are full-service resorts complete with grooming services and even Yappy Hours where the guests of the house have a chance to mix and mingle. It might involve less champagne drinking and more butt-sniffing than the social events you’re accustomed to, but that’s all part of the fun.
Veterinary services
OK, this is a bit of an obvious one. But we’re not just talking about vets. We’re talking about veterinary assistants, technicians, and office managers—in other words, all of the people making sure our pets get the best care possible. Even better: Like the health care industry at large, it’s a growing field, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting that veterinary jobs will grow by 9% by 2024.
Zoo and aquarium associate
Now we’re getting tantalizingly close to panda suit territory. Zoos and aquariums are massive operations, with positions in everything from scientific research to animal handling to park attendants. But no matter what type of position you’re most interested in, one thing’s for certain: You’ll get to spend your days surrounded by a veritable menagerie of exotic beasts. We’ll take a baby elephant over Greg the Sales Guy any day.

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