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The job market saw major corrections. Massive layoffs hit the headlines. Let’s look at what the trends forecast for your career 

Tech democracy
Welcome to the democratisation of technology! Once the realm of startups and pure technology companies, it is now an essential component of every business. If you are a techie, these are golden years as every business knows that to remain competitive, they need to invest in building strong tech teams to find newer and better ways of solving problems, reducing costs and delivering better products.
Evolving startup jobs
Look out for interesting roles in technology-led startups in education, health, finance, media, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things. Though no single startup will hire in large numbers, the overall scene for finding a new job or getting a promotion looks good if you are open to challenges.
Jobless on campus
If you are a fresher graduating from campus, you have it tougher than your seniors in getting a job through your placement office. As automation cuts jobs across industries and as startups find it difficult to get funding, the top recruiters will prefer to stay away from campuses. Big packages, mass hiring and offers will go down.
Anti-gig economy
If 2016 was the year you could freelance in and out of paying projects, businesses have now learnt that only task-based jobs are suitable for outsourcing to freelancers. The focus is on skills that you can bring as a permanent employee. The rewards will be higher for demonstrating high creativity and analytical skills.
Mixed team focus
There is increased emphasis on teamwork over individual brilliance. Invest in developing your soft skills, verbal and written communication abilities and learning how to work in a complex team environment. Companies realise that no single individual can keep herself abreast of developments at work and hence encourage people to form high performance teams.
Culture fit is in
It is no longer only about your skills. Firms realise they can’t afford to attract or retain you simply by paying a market salary. It does not work for them if you are not happy or engaged at your work. Employers are now looking for a culture fit when they hire you to be happier and more productive in your team.
Agility is the new stability
In the good old days, career stability meant finding a big brand to work for and doing a decent job there. Now, career stability no more means a single employer but a dozen or more over your working life. Thus, like a flying bird, stability lasts only as long as you are flapping your wings against the wind.
Automation is your new friend
If you haven’t been gobsmacked by automation at the workplace yet, you soon will. With evolution in computing power and speed and emergence of deep connectivity, artificial intelligence and robotics, access and implementation of technology has become cheaper for businesses pushing them to automate processes and cut costs and time.

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